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tv   Mornings on Fox 11  FOX  February 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am PST

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state senator debbie smith passed away over the weekend. more on her career in politics and her life. nevada gop caucus is tomorrow. candidates are gearing up for the big day. we'll tell you who is making a few stops in northern nevada coming up. good morning. hope you got a chance to look outside this morning. big, beautiful moon. did you see it when you were driving in. >> i didn't see it driving in but we pulled up the shot on the nbc show. it is gorgeous.
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>> it will be close to full it then. it is looking like cloudy skies. lots of sunshine for the day today. a few, high thin clouds possible time to time. otherwise things are quiet. nothing going on weather wise forecast. saturday. until then 58 today in reno- sparks. 56 carson city. northwest winds 5 to 10. warm and quiet. we had a few showers that came through overnight. they moved out quickly. any snow shower chance is in eastern nevada today at 10%. teens, 20s and 30s for most of western nevada and the sierra. air quality is good with a green burn code in place. no restrictions on burning. i have a 70-degree day on the seven-day forecast.
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we are learning more this morning at the case of a missing woman from zepher code. officials found caroline bachelor's car by the bay. crews are using search dogs. they say recent snowfall and steep terrain are slowing down the search process. caroline's family said they have not still heard from her. the northern nevada community is morning the loss of the senate senator. she was survived by her husband greg, three children and two
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to see what local officials are saying about debbie smith log on to my news reno police are saying two vehicles were involved in a road rage incident after 6:30. one driver stopped a vehicle and got out chasing the other vehicle on foot. officials say the victim was taken to the hospital in but later died. the crash did close lanes of investigated. investigators say neither drugs or alcohol appear to be factors in this crash. police are asking anyone with witness. a restaurant in sparks is closed due to a kitchen fire that filled the building with weekend. spark firefighters responded to the fire at egg roll king two aftera kitchen fire filled the building before 9:00 a.m.
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when they forced their way into the the kitchen. sparks fire department is investigating the cause of the fire. it was a big weekend for both political parties. between the democrat democrat caucus in nevada and the carolina. >> reporter: like you mentioned the democratic caucus on saturday made it a big day here in nevada. hillary clinton came out on top with a win in nevada. trump came out on top. this is his second win. he won in new hampshire.
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speaking of ted cruz he is holding a rally here in this afternoon before he goes to the reno boys and girls club. tomorrow he is going to be hitting up several locations. marco rubio will be coming to nevada. he donald trump will be coming here tomorrow. he is speaking at the nugget casino resort in sparks. that starts at noon. doors open at 10:00. ben carson, we heard from here yesterday he was here in reno. he'll be in virginia city today. doors are opening at 7:30. for a list of who is coming to town today and where they'll be speaking visit for all that information. back to you. >> thank you very much. speaking of the weekend's
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things, things got hectic at libbey booth elementary school. take a listen. one of the groups at the school disagree on number of votes for both parties. head count and paper count were not matching. they resolved the situation with another head count. >> think it was worse in 2008. i think it wasn't that bad. people were passionate about the vote and their candidate. i don't think they were mean. i think it was okay. in another predict a voter left which made hillary clinton not viable. shows you how delicate the
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caucus. rescue crews worked for hours to rescue a driver stuck in a truck that crashed 45 feet below the causeway west of sacramento. rescuers were able to pull the trapped driver from the wreckage. then lift him up to the freeway in that gurney basket. the man was concious and able to move when they found him. he was taken to the hospital for treatment. drivers in the other two vehicles suffered minor injuries. six people are dead. two others hospitalized after a shooting spree in michigan over the weekend. we'll have the latest on the investigation and on the man
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stay with us. welcome back. it is 31 degrees marine. we are learning act saturday's horrific shooting spree in michigan that left two dead and others hospitalized. >> the suspect is due in court this morning to face murder charges. police do not have a motive. >> reporter: the prosecutor is describing the calm manner in which he says uber driver jason dalton carried out saturday night's shooting spree.
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we watched the video with law enforcement. >> reporter: his rampage played out over 7 hours starting in an apartment complex late saturday afternoon where police say he gunned down a woman in the parking lot. the victim is hospitalized and expected to survive. her neighbors described the horrifying attack. >> he was here to kill. >> reporter: a father and his teenage son shot and killed in a car dealership. he later opened fire in a restaurant parking lot. he was arrested after 12:00 a.m. sunday morning. a passenger who road with him after the rampage described his troubling behavior. >> he got a mile from my house. he got a telephone call. we were driving through medians and the lawn. once he came to a stop i jumped out of the car and ran away. >> reporter: more bizarre a
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and shopped off passengers between shootings. investigators think he was looking for more fares after the attack. >> uber concerned to cnn that dalton was an uber driver and had passed a background check. they issued statements extending condolences to their families offering to help with the investigation however possible. a judge is set to decide on monday if a lawsuit brought by the victims of the sandy hook nine families and a schoolteacher shot but survived are seeing companies who make the ar 15 rifle used in the attack. the suit is a recent test of a federal law signed to protect lawmakers from liability when their guns are used in crimes.
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arms act nearly every such lawsuit against gun makers has been dismissed. the u.s. supreme court is back in justice for the first time since the sudden death of antonin scalia. he died last week while visiting a remote texas ranch. he was 79 years old. president obama has vowed to pick a supreme court nominee to fill the vacancy. republicans argue naming a successor should be a job more the next president. pope francis is calling for a one year moratorium on the death penalty. he is proposing catholic leaders extend it through the year of mercy through november. the pontiff is throwing his support behind a conference set to begin today he hopes will bring an end to capital punishment. in india protesters in an
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neighboring state damaged equipment that brings water to a canal from new delhi. protesters are demanding government help. schools in new delhi will be closed on monday. introduced. fiji began a massive clean up today after tropical cyclone winston flattened homes and cut people. outlying islands suffered the greatest damage with whole villages devastated. we had a full moon overnight.
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away. >> first couple of days will be above average for this time of year. wednesday through thursday temperatures will climb well into the 60s near 70 degrees for some spots by friday. mostly sunny skies for the day today. light winds out there. mild temperatures. not really much in the way of a shower chance. eastern side of the state a different story. it is a very small chance out that way. i'll show you that on satellite and radar in a moment. 31 in town. mostly sunny skies. calm winds. 76% humidity. temperatures are in the 30s for most of us. 47 bishop. everyone else in the map is in the 30s for our viewing area. we are seeing near average temperatures for the morning hours. above average later this afternoon. we'll fall back closer to the averages tomorrow and we'll warm up heading into wednesday
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we had a little shower activity not much. it was out there. it moved through the eastern side of the state. it is out over the utah area at this point. isolated snow showers possible in eastern nevada. most of us have dried out. we'll stay dry through the day with mostly sunny skies. 10% snow showers out there for the western side of the state. the rest of us dried out. we'll stay dry today. 30s and 40s for the eastern side of the state. well in the 50s for western nevada. 59 fallon. 58 hawthorne. 47 round mountain. tahoe look for highs in the 40s and 50s. 52 truckee. light winds in general. exception to that tonight at the highest elevations of the sierra at the ridge tops we
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most of us are looking at light winds today and next several days. 57 in spanish springs. 58 reno-sparks. that's five or so degrees above average for this time of year. once we get into the rest of the seven-day forecast, check out wednesday, thursday, friday. well into the 60s for carson city. only a couple degrees away from 70 on your friday. low 60s on your friday at south lake and in reno-sparks we are going for 70 degrees by the time we get to friday. today a few degrees above average. tomorrow barely above average. only one degree. then heading into wednesday, thursday, friday 60s to 70 degrees. our next shower chance comes around on saturday 20 to 30%. over to you. still ahead, a california
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wore in his senior photo. >> reporter: good monday morning. we are here at the nevada humane society with kim wade talking about this precious dog who needs a loving home. this is andrew. tell us about andrew. >> andrew is adorable. he has a unique face. he is nine years old. he is considered a senior. he is happy go lucky, though. he is at the age where he wants to relax, lay on the couch, watch a good movie, read a good book. >> reporter: kind of sounds like me these days. >> he is a great companion for an adult home. someone who can understand his needs and let him relax and let him be. he is good with other dogs. if you have other dogs in the home bring them down to make sure they are a good fit with andrew. we want to make sure when he
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the family and has a great chance for success. >> reporter: nothing worse than falling in love with andrew and taking him home and realizing he doesn't get along with the others at home. >> he is a little shy at first. he warms up to people. i don't blame him. he's been around the block a few times. he wants to relax. there is nothing wrong with that. >> reporter: if you are animal lover but you don't have to time now or the room at home for a pet, you can still help the pets down here by bringing a bag of food down to help them out. >> absolutely. we are a non-profit shelter. we run entirely off donations. we are not affiliated with any other groups, government, local, national excetera. we rely on people, just like you to come down and donate money, time or a bag of food or toys for the dog or cats. we rely on those donations to
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all the animals in our care initially cost $250. what that includes is your basic spay and neuter, vaccines, micro chip and the daily care. someone like andrew, who is older, might have special needs. these animals deserve a home. your donations allow them to get the great care until they find a home. >> reporter: if you love andrew come down to the humane society. we'll be back next monday to show you another animal in need of a loving home. let's look at what's trending. bill cosby's wife is scheduled to give her deposition in a defamation suit against him this morning. eight women sued bill cosby for defamation. they claim he portrayed them as liars after they publicly accused him of sexual
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they are among 50 women who accused cosby of sexual misconduct. cosby facing separate criminal charges of sexual assault in pennsylvania. to kill a mocking birth author harper lee was laid to rest in a private funeral in alabama on saturday. lee died friday at the age of 89 at an assisted living facility after having issues with her health. turning to what's trending on our facebook page. a california student who wore a traditional middle eastern head dress in his senior portrait is facing backlash from the school. they say it wasn't the place for it. the senior said he wore his head scarf to make a point and to exercise free speech. the student-run yearbook staff voted against using his picture in the yearbook. sarah is the editor of the school's yearbook and said he never worn the head scarf before.
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wore it for religious or cultural reasons but this wasn't the time of place to make that point, if you will. still, he says he is fighting for his first amendment rights and hopes to keep his picture in the yearbook. we asked you on facebook what do you think about it? do you think the picture should stay where it is?
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a new galaxy phone. nevada gop caucus is a day away. presidential hopefuls are coming here to northern nevada. we'll tell you who you can see and where you can see them speak coming up in a couple minutes. coming up on our lunchbox
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this is an awesome idea. gas prices continue to drop across the country. we'll tell you what that means for us in northern nevada and the silver state. good monday morning everyone. hopefully you guys had a great weekend. if you are thinking i didn't let loose enough over the weekend you have an excuse today. >> get out the tequila and limes. today is national margarita day. it can be traditional or frozen mixed up however you like. >> here's interesting margarita facts from first we
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185,000 margaritas per hour. it is believe had the the original margarita was invented in 1948 in action pull co. >> are you ladied frozen or on the rocks? >> i like them both ways. >> you can rent a margarita machine, i can't remember the name of the place. but you can freeze the left
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let's look at our forecast on this monday. we'll be flirting with 70s. >> later on in the seven-day forecast by the end of the work mark. sparks is 53. we are going for 58. five degrees above average. we'll come closer to averages tomorrow. then the temperatures take off wednesday, thursday and friday. that will be on the seven-day forecast in a few minute. for now mostly sunny skies. dry conditions for everyone. exception is eastern side of the state. see the snow showers that came through last night. there is a small chance we may see one or two more pop up. 10% chance is there. most of us are dry for the day today. western nevada and the sierra
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16 truckee. 31 reno. 32 carson city. seven-day forecast again has a 70-degree reading. i'll let you know when coming up. back to you. heads up for you this morning one lane of westbound highway 50 could be closed until tomorrow after a large boulder rolled on the highway. official says the rock fall near the glen brook area of lake tahoe caused the crash. the rock is nine feet wide and six feet high. avalanche deaths are on the rise as more people explore nearby back country. el nino continues to dump snow in the sierra. data from the colorado avalanche information center shows 11 deaths across the country in january make that month the deadliest since 2008 when there were 19 avalanche deaths in the first month of the year. experts say it is hard to
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incident to the amount of snow alone. there is a growing population of back country winter travelers across the u.s. between the nevada caucus and the south carolina primary hillary clinton and donald trump were the big winners over the weekend. what does this mean next for nevada? we have our caucus coming up on tuesday. alex is joining us live with a preview. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. like you said a big weekend in the world of politic. we had the democratic caucus in nevada. a lot supported hillary clinton and bernie sanders. we got the results early on in the afternoon, which tells me people were secure in who they were supporting. hillary clinton came out on top with a win over here. on saturday in south carolina we had the republican primary. where donald trump came out on top. this is his second win. he did take the win in new hampshire, as well. we saw ted cruz win in iowa.
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over here in northern nevada since the gop caucus in nevada is happening tomorrow. marco rubio will start at the elko convention center and his final stop at the day at the park at 3:30. ben carson will be in virginia city. doors open for him at 7:30 a.m. talking about tomorrow and talking about the front runner holding a rally. it is kicking off at noon at ballroom. doors open at 10:00 a.m. to learn about these candidates and where they'll be and when you can see them today and back to you. >> thank you very much. speaking of caucuses,
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school. one of the precincts initially disagreed on the number of votes for both parties. head count and paper count were not matching. nevada democratic party was called in. they resolved the situation with another head count. in another precinct a voter left whether made hillary clinton not viable. it shows you how delicate the voting process can be in a caucus. in consumer news we have good news for drivers. prices at the pump continue to drop. average price for a gallon of gas is $1.77. comparing national average to our local prices, gas is comparing the average price in nevada is $1.99.
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in carson city $1.71. lowest price in the silver state is $1.51. samsung unvailed the galaxy s 7 and the s 7 edge during tech conference in barcelona over the weekend. a camera is capable of taking 360-degree videos and images. the finished product can be viewed with a gear vr head set. the gear 360 is set to go on sale this year. there are no details yet on pricing. still to come, terrifying video of a train nearly missing a bus full of students and a
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you probably heard a lot about spaghetti squash. people would say it is not quite spaghetti but despite that, it is absolutely a delicious option for you if you are trying to stay away from the carbs. a lot of people dump the red sauce on top of the meat sauce excetera. we are not doing that. >> we are going to do something different spaghetti squash is a lot of fun and people don't a lot of times people don't oven. we are going to use the you can stab the squash with a microwave for ten minutes. when it is tender to the touch you'll take it out. we'll cut it in half.
7:42 am
will is they are hard to cut through. that's one of the barriers to entry for cooking it. by putting it in the microwave we are solving that problem. we'll take out the seeds. if you let this school then this would be a fun project for our kids to get involved with. it is fun for them to see where their food comes from. >> it looks like a squash until you start to do this. then it looks like spaghetti. >> of sorts. then you take a fork and rake it out. it is super fun. you can eat this hot. we are turning this into a cold salad for lunch. scrape this all in here. we'll put together a fun, little thai dressing. we have a wheat free soy sauce. all natural peanut butter. garlic. rice wine vinegar. we'll add cilantro and fresh lime.
7:43 am
to feel ginger. >> a lot of people think it is training because it has the hairs excetera. if you grab a spoon and scrape it outcomes off super easy. you are getting mostly skin and none of the meat. >> away you go. you have a savory dressing here that can be served warm or cold. you have your noodles then you'll give them some sauce. i would probably put it on the side. you can toss it together. you can put protein in here if you want but you have protein from the peanut butter. you have great nutrients coming out of our spaghetti squash. this is a power packed lunch for kids and adults. >> add a little protein, maybe some slump, it would be delicious. if you would like this recipe you can find it on and our facebook page. thank you.
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>> that is awesome for people on low carb diets. the consistency is close to typical noodles. good stuff. bus full of students have a terrifying encounter with a [ no audio ] a teacher has a tearful birthday surprise. jeremy roth has a look at today's take a look at this. >> reporter: in houston a speeding train barely missed a school bus. you can see the train passing mere inches from the rear of the bus with student on board. the driver pulled across the tracks and barely made it through before the train passed by. >> we were all screaming and telling her to move forward. everybody was freaking out and terrified. >> reporter: school released a statement saying the driver was let go for not following proper procedures. virginia firefighters shared dramatic video of an emergency crew saving a dog that fell through thin ice on a frozen lake. you can hear the frightened pup
7:45 am
with her paws. after making their way out to her rescuers were able to reunite her with her owner. if this doesn't put a smile on your face knot will. students at a texas high school surprised their english teach we are a classroom birthday party after they learned he hasn't got an birthday cake in ten years. teacher was visibly moved to tears as the students sang happy birthday to him and presented him with a cake, balloons and gifts. students described his reaction as perfect. for a look at this, i'm jeremy roth. >> i love surprises caught on camera. >> teachers some of the most underappreciated folks out there. they do an awesome job. let's toss it over to tim. he is a little underappreciated, too, aren't you buddy? >> we had a great weekend out there.
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thank me for it. i really have nothing to do with it. mostly sunny skies for the day today. we have light winds in the forecast. temperatures above average today. we'll be more above average toward wednesday, thursday and friday. warm stuff on the way. we should touch 70 by friday. that will be on the seven-day forecast in a moment. 31 in town. calm winds. 76% humidity. temperatures in the 20s and 30s for northern nevada. bishop 37. 31 reno and elko 31 degrees. we had rain and snow showers that pushed through overnight from west to east. they were quick to do so. they were isolated in nature. not much consequence from those. we'll continue to see a slight chance of one or two more snow showers in eastern nevada. we are looking dry for the day today. dry with mostly sunny skies.
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for the eastern side of the state. on the breezy side for eastern nevada. west winds 10 to 15. highs in the 30s and 40s. western nevada well in the 50s. 60s in a couple spots. 59 fallon. 54 mammoth. 49 kings beach. 51 south lake. 8,000 feet 43 degrees. above average for this time of the year. at the ridge tops we'll see gusty winds tonight and tomorrow morning. very light winds across the area. highs in the 50s today. for most of us in the lower elevations reno-sparks 58 degrees. that's five degrees above average. we'll be closer to average tomorrow. a few degrees cooler tomorrow. then the temperatures take off wednesday, thursday and friday. well in the 60s for carson city at 64. 68 on friday. day forecast.
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the lake by the time we get to your friday. check out reno-sparks seven-day forecast. friday 70 degrees. it is that warm one towards the second half of the week. next shower chance is on saturday. over to you. looking at what's trending. a california student wore a traditional middle eastern head dress in his senior portrait. the school says that wasn't the place for it. the senior wore the head scarf to make a point and exercise free speech. student-run yearbook staff voted against using the picture. the editor said he had never worn the head dress before. if it was for religious purposes that's one thing. that's not what is happening here. we are asking everybody is this
7:49 am
or is this about his first amendment rights? starting off with kim. what do you think? do you think he should be allowed to wear that head dress for his senior picture. >> yeah, i think he should be allowed to wear that. it is not like he is wearing a swear word on his head or t- shirt. it is normal to me. it is fine. he can wear it. first amendment right or whatever. >> part is what is that he is trying to get other than say it is free speech and his first amendment right to do that. does it really matter? if he wants to wear it why can't he? >> there is a first amendment right. but there is a time and a place to show some respect for other people. what's the yearbook all about? you put on a tie and jacket and you smile and they put your name underneath it. you want a protest fine.
7:50 am
>> kate do you agree? it is his picture. kate, we have you muted. can you unmute real quick? >> he is not even middle eastern. this isn't his culture. he is doing it to make a point. absolutely not they should not allow it. the yearbook isn't a place for political statements it is a place to remember your four years of friends and fun and sports and achievements that your kids will see some day. teenager don't realize they'll be adults some day and not feel the same way they did at 15. i don't think it is the place for it. >> post your comments on our facebook and google plus page. managing stress levels while pregnant is important for mother and child. we'll have ways to help manage
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come in h welcome back. being pregnant can be stressful. susan hendrix has more on how to manage stress health levels. >> reporter: stress is normal for pregnant women. pregnancy itself may be one of the reasons you feel so stressed out. >> it is possible being pregnant could be increasing your stress. physically your heart is
7:55 am
it is like jogging just sitting there because your heart rate is faster. you are automatically at a heightened state. >> reporter: pregnant or not, too much stress is not the thing for our bodies. jury is out on whether or not a woman's stress level affects the fetus. >> in pregnancy we are not sure if the stress is harmful. it can make your pregnancy tougher. there is data that says it may increase your risk for a smaller baby and preterm labor. >> reporter: you can manage stress in a variety of ways. >> couple things that can help relaxation techniques. whether it is a hot cup of tea or warm bath or breathing techniques. >> reporter: don't be afraid to ask for help. tell someone how stressed you are feeling. i'm susan hendrix. drinking coffee could cut your chance of developing a type of liver disease. that's according to a medical journal that reviewed nine separate studies on the affects
7:56 am
two cups a day could cut your chance to develop alcohol- related liver damage by 44%. coffee will never balance out all of the negative effects of excess alcohol. more research is needed to confirm the studies.
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we'll be right back. charles darwin's birthday was celebrated on sunday. how the discovery museum chose to embrace his scientific spirit? nevada.
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we'll tell you who took home the big win at this year's daytona 500. good monday morning. thank you for joining us here. it is 8:00. second hour of the show. if you are thinking monday is rough and i can't handle it very much, just want to let you know, it is national margarita day. whether you go ahead and have a virgin margarita which is delicious blended with whipped cream on top or the like the real thing, today is the day to celebrate. >> every day is a day to celebrate sitting next to you two.
8:01 am
already apparently. >> much of the same going into this work week. upper 50s in reno-sparks. 51 south lake. elko 38 degrees. just a very small chance for one or two additional showers in elko. most of us have dried out. the eastern side of the state is mostly dry today. that's the only place with the 10% snow shower chance. winds northwest 5 to 10. warm temperatures today. five or so degrees above average sitting at 58 in reno. average is 53. rest of the seven-day forecast warm stuff on the way. batch of moisture came through overnight last night. couple isolated showers and snow showers. they are now gone. we are going to be dry for the rest of the day today. teens, 20s and 30s now across the area going for the 50s later today.
8:02 am
elsewhere on the seven-day forecast we have 60s and near 70 degrees. good air quality and a green burn code. i'll let you know which day will be 70 coming up. a restaurant in sparks is closed due to a kitchen fire that filled the building with smoke and flame others the weekend. spark firefighters responded to the fire at egg roll king two after a can kitchen fire filled
8:03 am
yesterday morning. when firefighterred forced their way into the business they found a fire in the kitchen. sparks fire department is investigating the cause of the fire. discover museum in reno celebrated charles darwin's birthday yesterday. reno darwin day not only celebrated the man himself but taught kids how to embrace their scientific experiment. people at the museum enjoyed hands on exhibits. real life falcons were there, scientific presentations and live music. some presentations included carbon dating, evolution of bees and flowers and the big bang theory. it was aimed to capture the
8:04 am
scientific discovery. city officials in south lake tahoe will look at enforcing the number of guests allowed per rental, as well as parking rules and how many vacation rental permits you can have. since the law went into effect in october two dozen citations have been issued to illegal vacation rental operations. property owners must meet certain standards to rent their homes short terms. after three years of drought, skiing conditions are the best we have seen in the sierra. we are here at fox 11 are taking advantage. we have a preview of our new series explore our backyard. >> reporter: we are at home wood mountain resort on the
8:05 am
hit back country. alex, set this up. what are we about to do? >> we are starting a new series called exploring our backyard. the point of this is our region has so many cool things. skiing, fishing, biking, the list goes on and on. we'll kick off here at home wood and do the snow cat back country skiing. we'll go to the top of the mountain where you cannot ski anymore if you have a normal pass and jumping on a giant snow cat. they'll take us into open bowls and peaks. i'm really excited. >> reporter: i'm extremely excited. this is 750 acres total of back country skiing and snow boarding we are about to do. if you want to do this go to the home wood website. you have to ten people, skiers and snow borders can participate. we have been to a lot of different mountains together. home wood is new for us.
8:06 am
to home wood neither of us have done anything back country. new experience for both of us. keep a look at news 4 for this series as we go forward. now back to you. >> thank you very much. another cool series they have going on. speaking of sports, snow and slush, they were flying at a competition in greenville, wisconsin yesterday. >> as eric peterson found out snow mobile softball is a combination of a day at the ballpark and the day at the races. >> reporter: the matchup sunday at the conservation club had the makings of a classic. spot at the finals was on the line. >> we call it snow mobile softball. it is slow pitched softball played on a snow mobile.
8:07 am
specific to the sport. >> dealers have to keep their sleds turned off. can't start them until the ball is hit. >> you have to wear a coat and wear of gloves. with a 16-inch softball you cannot pick it up one-handed with the gloves on. >> reporter: the action was intense. like this hard smash. the lead sledder was in the lead. shane stone found himself in a bind. players helped him back on his sled after his twisted his ankle. >> foot gets stuck in the snow mobile and then you are stuck but i'm okay.
8:08 am
action looked chaotic. players say that's part of the game. >> same with softball. you just run bases with sleds. >> it is a good time. people get out after they get cabin fever and get out and enjoy winter. >> it is amazing. it is fun to watch the men and women. as the great family event for all. >> i could listen to them talk for hours. i love the upper midwest. fargo, north dakota, minnesota and wisconsin accents. >> be safe. they even had umpires. craziness. >> i used to live in wisconsin for a year. >> you didn't play snow mobile softball? >> i didn't. i went ice fishing a few times but did not do the snow mobile softball. i played golf in may which is
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it is freezing. it is 8:13. monday morning starting out the work week at 38 degrees. headed towards a beautiful work week weather wise.
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tim coming up. sports reporter aaron andrews is set to return to nashville, tennessee for a negligence hotel from marriott hotels. andrews accuse marriott to book rooms next to her to film her. andrews is seeking $75 million. a door-to-door dash checkered flag ended in historic finish at the daytona 500 yesterday. with one lap to go danny hamlin wedged in a hail mary move. hamlin raced to the finish line.
8:14 am
finish determined hamlin edged out by one one hundredth of a second. that's the closest finish in daytona history. this is hamlin's first time at the victory lane in the great race. in the words of beloved david bowie let's talk fashion. >> thank you. style is not just what you wear but how you live your life. we have a fashion fusion happening in the somerset community. thank you for coming on. >> thank you. >> tell us about the event. >> fashion and style is about your whole lifestyle. boulders at somerset overlooking all of reno we are doing fashion fusion march 3rd. it is a preview of spring. but it gives you an opportunity
8:15 am
gorgeous modeled homes that you may not know existed up there. this is the hardest time of year to get dressed. you don't know weather wise how it will start off and end on the day. during this i can show spring fashions you can buy now, wear now and use them when it is cooler. >> tim says we might see 70 by the end of the week. >> sounds like heaven. >> it does. i understand compos is getting involved. a great restaurant. >> they are getting involved on the fashion and style side and making a mark. we teamed up and we are bringing this incredible free night. it is a complimentary night. it is between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m. 6:45 we are doing a fashion show. models will be wondering through the property. it is definitely worth the time. >> what kind of fashion trends can we expect to see?
8:16 am
navy is one of the big colors. you are totally in style. it is a great color on everybody. we'll have men's fashion and women's fashion all good and affordable. not about brand names at all. >> i love it. do people need to rsvp? >> they do. they can call 746-5000. this weekend is our one year anniversary, which i can not believe. saturday all day at the couture close set we have raffle prizes and a fashion show. we have discounts. it is a good time, if you have not checked us out to come visit. >> we'll have all this information posted at and our facebook page. tim, over to you. good morning. mostly sunny skies today. quiet weather for the next several days. generally light winds across the area. mild temperatures, too.
8:17 am
in reno-sparks. average is 53 for reno. five degrees above average later today. on that seven-day forecast, well into the 60s later on. even close to 70. i'll show you that in a moment. 38 in town now with partly cloudy skies reported from the airport. 5 mile-per-hour winds. 60% humidity. temperatures are mostly in the 30s for many of us. 37 fallon. 38 elko. 38 reno. had a batch of moisture come through overnight last night. that provided rain and snow showers. they were few and far between and low impact. they were out there during the overnight period. now they are making their way out of the area. we have a 10% snow shower chance for the eastern side of the state today. i think that's really starting to become much more limited at this point. mostly a dry day for everyone across the area. still putting that 10% just to cover additional snow showers that pop up over the eastern
8:18 am
mostly it is a dry day. 30s and 40s for north eastern nevada. in western nevada well in the 50s. near 60 degrees in some spots. 58 hawthorne. 71 bishop. that's one of the warmer spots. 40s and 50s around the lake today. 51 south lake. 52 truckee. 46 tahoe city. light winds for most of us. exception is highest elevations of the sierra at the ridge tops. you can see gusty conditions later tonight into tomorrow morning at the ridge tops. most of us at the lower elevations and lake level looking at generally light winds. 50s in the northern zones. 50s in truckee. 58 reno-sparks. average for this time of year is 53. we are above that average today. closer to that average for your tuesday. temperatures will take off wednesday, thursday into friday. well into the 60s, even the upper 60s. may even touch 70 degrees in
8:19 am
next shower chance is coming around on your saturday. still low at 20 to 30%. over to you. what are the connections between two different movie awards? how about emma watson and ferris bueller. we have the answers in today's hollywood minute. >> reporter: award you have probably never heard of may have cinched on oscar for the big short. movie won the university of southern california's scripter award. the last five winners including the imitation game, 12 years of slave and fargo won. emma watson says she is taking a year away from acting. in an interview with paper
8:20 am
spend that time working on her campaign for gender equality and what she calls personalty development including reading one book a week. it has been 30 years since ferris bueller's day off. get ready for ferris fest. a celebration in chicago where the film takes fireplace events planned include a screening, tour of filming locations and a recreation of the famous parade scene. i'm david daniel for hollywood minute. >> still one of my top five movies. i love that. >> 30 years? that's hard to believe. big weekend for oscars on sunday. one article is suggesting paid parental leave benefits should be available to everyone including those without children. that's coming up.
8:21 am
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8:24 am
we'll be right back. rapper 50-cent will have to explain his instagram pictures to a bankruptcy judge. he filed for bankruptcy last year but later posted pictures of himself with piles of cash. a judge told his attorneys on thursday you'll have to come to court and explain what that's about. the rapper whose real name is curtis jackson said he has been driven into bankruptcy by lawsuits adding up to $29 million. singer kesha made an appearance in court saturday from her effort to be released from her contract with sony music. for two years the pop stars that been in a legal battle with her former producer and unable to record new music. she claims dr. luke abused her physically and emotionally for a decade.
8:25 am
dr. luke filed his own defamation lawsuit in 2014 against kesha's mother, who acts as her manager. kesha has major supporters in this legal fight against her producer. taylor swift spokesperson says the singer donated $250,000 to kesha to help her with financial needs she may have. lady gaga also spoke out for kesha. trending is an article on a website saying paid parental leave benefits should be available to everyone, including those without kids. the author of the article said paid parental leave benefits are there to keep workers happy but it puts a burden on those who don't have kids. it makes childless workers feel
8:26 am
treated as important as those who are parents. application-based leave program could work for everyone. it could allow workers the opportunity to take a month to care for a friend, family member in need or travel. we are asking you on facebook do you think this is a good idea. do you think maternity leave hurts other employees because they don't feel as important?
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
donald trump so much you ohio governor john kasich is block planned parenthood from receiving state government money. what the group has to say about this and how much money it could lose. big name actor is showing support for hillary clinton in her race for the white house.
8:30 am
mornings on fox 11. good monday morning everyone. 8:30 on your monday. hopefully you are off to a great start. if you are waking up this morning feeling tired not only because it is monday, you might not be getting enough sleep. cdc says one in three people don't get enough sleep. which is seven hours or more. >> i don't get close to seven hours. >> what time do you go to sleep? >> i'm usually in bed by 10:00. >> and you wake up at 5:00? >> i'm usually up a little earlier than that because of the kids and getting stuff ready for the sitter. >> how many hours do you get? >> since being pregnant i think a lot more because i'm more tired.
8:31 am
up at 2:30. i nap during the day, too. i don't know if those hours factor in. >> i wonder if the time of day you are sleeping, if you are going to bed at 7:30 even though it is 7 hours it is not a good quality 7 hours. >> if you have to wake up at 2:30 it is not natural. >> ironically is people ask me all the time do you get up at 3:00 a.m. on weekends too? heck no, i can sleep to 8:00 if i didn't have a 2-year-old screaming. i could probably sleep until 9:00 and i'll go to bed at 9:00 or 10:00. it is catch up mode on the weekends. if you are feel like you need good news to help wake you up, if you like warmer temperatures we have them for you. >> it will be nice out there for the day today. not as warm as later in the
8:32 am
later on today. good amount of sunshine to help wake you up. 56 carson city. 51 elko. couple clouds in elko. there were snow showers a few hours ago out that way. those are tapering off. we'll leave the 10% because you have a slight chance of one or two more snow showers in the eastern side of the state. the rest of us are dry today. good amount of sunshine. few clouds mixing in time to time. otherwise things are quiet. not too much to talk about weather wise. 16 truckee. 38 reno. going for the 50s later today. most of us are in the mid to upper 50s. good air quality. no restrictions on burning in the reno-sparks area. seven-day forecast has 70- degree day on it. i'll let you know which one coming up. avalanche deaths are on the
8:33 am
el nino continues to dump snow in the sierra. data from the colorado avalanche information center shows 11 deaths across the country in january make that month the deadliest since 2008 when there were 19 avalanche deaths in the first month of the year. experts say it is hard to attribute avalanche-related incidents to the amount of snow alone. sales of winter recreation equipment indicates a growing population of back country winter travelers across the u.s. one lane of westbound highway 50 could be closed until tomorrow after a large boulder rolled on a highway. the rock fell near glen brook area of lake tahoe. the department of transportation plans to break apart and remove the boulder. today that rock is nine feet wide and six feet high. ohio governor john kasich
8:34 am
from receiving any state government money. gop presidential candidate signed a bill on sunday banning the state from contracting health services with any group that performance or promotes abortion. >> the bill doesn't specifically mention planned parenthood but the group will effectively be cut from more than a million dollars in funding from health programs. planned parenthood president richards slammed the bill saying it will hurt women across ohio. >> many republicans have been calling for defunding the group. kasich is trying to position himself as a moderate in the gop field. he is still expected to sign the bill. hillary clinton's campaign released a second ad featuring the voice of actor morgan freeman. this one portrays clinton of standing up for the right of african-americans, including the victims of contaminated water in flint, michigan.
8:35 am
south carolina over the weekend. the state holds his democratic presidential primary on saturday. they had the republican primary this past saturday. canadian island is beckoning americans to move there if donald trump is elected president. jeanne moos has the story. >> reporter: when donald trump deals with protesters he doesn't mean get them out of the country, but for those who want to voluntarily leave. >> hello americans. donald trump may become the president of your country. if that happens and you decide to get the hell out of there might i suggest moving to cape island.
8:36 am
scotia along canada's eastern coast. >> nobody has a handgun. >> reporter: the radio deejay is no donald trump fan. his if trump wins website started as a joke. come on up to the cape. >> where women can get abortions, muslim people can roam freely and the only walls are holding up the roofs of our extremely affordable houses. >> reporter: there are answers to questions like how do i immigrate to canada. >> they want to know if they can bring their cats to canada. >> reporter: the website has been flooded with hundreds of inquiries. would you consider moving to canada if donald trump were elected president. >>i'm thinking berlin. >> i would do it in a heart beat. >> no. i'm an american i'm going to stay here no matter who is president. >>i'm moving to europe if he is elected president. >> reporter: in cape they need people. >> absolutely. we have an unsustainable population decline. >> reporter: housing is a
8:37 am
we saw three bedroom water-side houses selling for $25,000. sure they have gotten angry e- mails from trump supporters. >> why would anyone want to move to canada, especially some isolated known for nothing place like cape bretton. >> get them the hell out of here, will you please? >> reporter: jeanne moos cnn new york. like him or not i have to say that island looks beautiful. >> i would like to buy a house for $25,000 on the water. >> i wonder how easy it is to get to. maybe you have to take a canoe to get there.
8:38 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
there. welcome back everybody. 41 minutes after the hour on this monday morning. pleasant start to your day. 38 degrees heading towards a very warm week. forecast with tim in a few. first, the hit comedy sketch show saturday night live is on air with an arabic version. >> it broadcast from cairo saturday night. cast members are watching what they say. >> reporter: saturday night
8:42 am
the popular comedy sketch show is in egypt. not this egypt, here is,nl star steve barton singing king tut. the show follows the new york model known as the snl bible. there are celebrity guests, sketches, digital shorts, the news with weekend update and live performances. >> we are trying to do something original. we are not trying to break taboos but on the way we do a little bit but not intentionally. we are trying to make it suitable for a middle eastern audience. >> we are a couple bald comedians who try to get on tv and make people laugh about
8:43 am
laugh about. >> reporter: one such target hard to laugh at the terror group isis known by a more derogatory name. it is different if you know the enemy and the inside information to give you the upper hand in making people laugh. >> reporter: snl in arabic has the blessing of the show's creator and support of the cast. >> welcome to the snl family and good luck. >> good luck. they are doomed. tough. >> it is hell. they were right about that. it is an amazing hell. >> reporter: she is one of the four female cast members. like most of the egyptian cast she didn't know saturday night live. >> i went online and looked it up. then i started binge watching snl.
8:44 am
kristin is amazing and appears and people start laughing. >> reporter: unlike new york egypt has red lines. the cast knows crossing them could shut them down. >> we still do push the envelope. by some people's standards that is not cool. >> but we will crush them. we will. that's a little isis now. >> reporter: for now their first job is to introduce to the region a different way to laugh. >> we'll wait and see how long they are able to tow the line so to speak without crossing. let's send things over to tim with a look at your forecast. >> good morning. it is quiet stuff for the next several days. we have mostly sunny skies in the forecast for today. with light winds and mild temperatures. a few degrees above average today. actually cooler tomorrow closer to the averages then. once we get to wednesday, thursday and friday we'll see
8:45 am
still staying dry most of the work week. 38 in town. partly cloudy skies reported from the airport. lots of blue skies on our sky cams. 5 mile-per-hour winds and 60% humidity. temperatures in the 30s across the area. 50 in bishop. the rest of us stuck in the 30s for now. we are going to the 50s later today for most of western nevada and 40s and 50s in the sierra. that's just above average for this time of year. a lot of sun and clouds mixing in for western nevada. eastern side of the state still a good amount of cloud cover in place. a few snow showers are possible. we had a batch of moisture come through overnight. still leaving us with 10% snow shower chances for now on the eastern side of the state. rest of us are dry today and most of eastern nevada will be dry. 10% not impressive. 30s and 40s for the eastern side. into the 50s for us in western nevada.
8:46 am
not far from 60 in a few spots. up and around the lake 40s and 50s. low 50s in truckee and south lake. upper 40s for kings beach. 43 at 8,000 feet. probably a little melting today. into the 50s for western nevada and valleys. still warm for this time of year. we'll see warmer stuff on the seven-day forecast. we'll take a brief break tomorrow and be closer to average. temperatures will run away from us in the 60s to 70 degrees. seven-day forecast, wednesday, thursday, friday the warmest days of the seven-day forecast. even mild heading into weekend when we have our only shower chchce on the seven-day forecast at 30% on saturday. temperatures climbing well through the 60s. keep in mind average high this time of year is 53 degrees. we are above that today. we are near it tomorrow. warming heading into the second half of the week. 70 by friday. over to you.
8:47 am
taking full advantage of the sierra snow this year including ryan and alex. >> they are heading up to home wood mountain resort checking out the best back country skiing in our area. they want to join us with a preview of their new series exploring our backyard. >> reporter: not only have we never skied here but we'll take a snow cat in the back country. >> we'll go through 750 acres of back counting and snow boarding. we have done a lot of skiing and boarding together. this is going to be a new experience. this is a new experience for home wood. this is the first year they are
8:48 am
skiing. >> reporter: this is part of a new series we are launching called exploring our backyard. we want to take you to all the different places in our area from skiing to fishing. might even do some crazy stuff in the summer called land sailing. who knows where this will take us. for today under blue bird days we are ready to put on skies and boards and get out there. >> stay tuned to news 4 for our series. we have to get up there so we have to go. for now we'll send it back to you at the desk. an article on moto is suggesting that paid paternal leave benefits should be available to everyone including those who do not have children. the author of the article says the paid parental leave
8:49 am
it puts a burden on those without children. it makes childless workers feel their personal life is not treated with the same amount of importance as those with parents. an application-based leave program could work for everyone and allow workers the opportunity to take a month to care for a friend or family member in need or even to travel. is it time to look differently at time off? most people in the u.s. get two weeks, three weeks, maybe four. europe they are getting off a lot of weeks. six weeks to eight weeks. make it is time we look at. that's what do you think? >> i don't think it is a good idea. i worry about fraud. you can only have so many kids. it is a life event. otherwise in each new job you
8:50 am
that's nice. >> say a family member is sick. your mom or somebody else in your family. shouldn't she be able to get off all that time within the same ease as someone having a child? >> funny thing about a job, place of employment, somebody has to be there producing something of value in order for the company to stay in business. if nobody is there producing anything and the employer is paying for a bunch of people to be at home for whatever reason, how does the company produce anything and stay in business? >> kate, do you agree? >> in part. as a woman, yes, there should be compassionate leave provision for family members. not friend or because you want a vacation in the bahamas. people have way too much time off in this country. we are not as productive as
8:51 am
not nearly as disciplined. i think it is more whiners wanting what somebody else has. perhaps for an ill parent, sure. it would be on an individual basis. >> there are things available like flma and other options. we would love to hear what you have to say. there is nothing better on a monday than watching a panda
8:52 am
8:53 am
8:54 am
8:55 am
we'll many or of this a welcome back everyone. if you have ever wondered what it looks like when i get out of bed on a monday morning. there you go. toronto do posted this adorable video of the giant panda. he woke up to see the snow and got excited. you can see the panda emerge from his cave and tumble down the snowy hill. he climbed up half way and did it again. >> you can never get enough of these videos. >> we won't even need coffee if we were able to do that. fall down a hill and roll six times. >> equivalent is when we wake up at 3:00 a.m. and there is a snow storm with wind and snow hitting your face.
8:56 am
>> none of that coming our way for a while. warm temperatures. quiet conditions. mostly sunny skies for a few days. look at the temperatures for the second half of the week. wednesday and beyond well in the 60s for reno-sparks. touching 70 on friday. have a great day everybody. thank you for joining us this
8:57 am
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8:59 am
hope to see a paraglider crash landing on a rock you coastline is high drama, but i don't that is hollywood could even write the rest of this story, what happens when the pilot's pushing into a sea cave and his hopes for rescue hang on a drone? these guys can't believe they just found a baby elephant.
9:00 am
where he came from. a wife claims her husband fgs cheating on valentine's day. how she's going to river dance him right out of her life. plus the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. scaredy cat goat. and, do you mind helping me out. claims if he gets a kiss db. >> then a prince will appear. >> see the magic that makes it here. >> i was looking for a prince, but i believe you were a little more weight. okay. yeah. >> i know it's only monday, but this video is going to be the wildest one you'll see all week. a video that you'll likely only see here on "right this minute." paraglider in this picturesque setting. mounts to the right, the atlantic ocean, to the left, it


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